Pure Kitchen

Tackling from device control to recipes, ingredients, shopping list and requests (for restaurants), the Pure Kitchen app was meant to be simple to use while connecting and organising your ingredients and your kitchen. It connects steps like, for example, ingredients from recipes to your shopping list and to your own food storage, making the life for the ones who cook at home much easier.

Services: UI/UX Design


These were some of the main challenges:


  • Separate different tasks by category;
  • Make easy for the user to cook a recipe;
  • Make recipes with the food directly from your fridge.
  • Filter a recipe along the user’s taste;
  • Choose diet type;
  • Cover from professional to beginner level;
  • Connect all the tasks in a seamless easy way.

Shopping List:

  • Make easy to find and get items when shopping.

Control kitchen devices:

  • Easy control over all smart kitchen devices.


  • Process incoming requests for restaurants.

Use Cases Map

After a brainstorming i did some use cases map, so i could guide myself along the process.


Name: Joana Costa.

Age: 24.

Occupation: Educator.

Status: Married

Location: London, United Kingdom

Qualities: Ambitious, Sociable, Generous.


  • Missing any ingredient when cooking;
  • Plastic food;
  • Having to rush everything.


Joana Costa is a full time worker in a primary school nearby her house. When she leaves work she loves to cook for her husband, but she also likes to keep things organised. Joana hates when there is no food on the fridge and they have to eat out. She likes to eat healthy food and have a healthy life.

Name: Jon Manuel.

Age: 32.

Occupation: Chef

Status: Single.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Qualities: Ambitious, Sociable, Perfectionist.


  • Orders that go to the wrong customers;
  • Eating food that is not fresh;
  • Sending a plate that is not perfect.


Jon Manuel, is a full time chef, he takes care of everything in his restaurant from organisation to buying food. Jon likes to keep everything in order so when lunch or dinner comes everything is clean and ready to use. When he gets home he loves to cook new dishes that he can then utilize at work.


After having the personas in place, it was important to know the context at which such app would be used as well as the tasks performed.

1. Jon is leaving work. Really tired from a big working day.

2. He is on his way to the tube, and he starts to search for a recipe to prepare as soon as he arrives home.

3. He finds one recipe he wants to cook, but he sees that it’s missing one ingredient from his fridge. So he goes to the supermarket.

4. Jon arrives home and starts to prepare the meal following the steps in the recipe.

5. He goes to the couch watch tv and uses the smart controller to lower the power from the stove.

6. The timer from the app reaches the end, the food is ready to eat!

7. He thinks the recipe is really good. He has prepared a wonderful meal.

8. Jon is happy and he rates this dish with a high score since he enjoyed it so much.


Wireframing different solutions with Balsamiq Mockups, which were then tested multiple times with some friends.


There are tons of competitors in cooking field like: Cookpad, Tasty, Recipe Book and others.

Pure Kitchen stands out from its competitors because it connects all the daily cooking tasks into one. For example: Adding the items from your shopping list to the ingredients that you have on the fridge, for you to latter find cook recipes with them.


Pure Kitchen offers a variety of food recipes, a shopping list, control over smart kitchen devices and food request, all connected to make your cooking and organisation much easier.

You can check for new recipes, see which ones have the highest scores check, add ingredients to your shopping list and search recipes with the ones you already have in your fridge.

You can filter recipes with at your own taste and find new ones with only the ingredients that you want to add.

To make things easy and comfortable you can control your smart kitchen devices before or when you are at home.

Thank you

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. I hope this gave you a peek into my design thinking and how I rationalise my decisions, as well as the way I work. Please leave a like or share to show your appreciation.

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